What makes Visionborne unique?

Visionborne developed a digital platform devised to enhance 'static' media content with finely adapted animation details.   All enhanced productions retain their artistic essence and maintain the creator's ultimate aesthetic vision and content.

How are clients involved in the creative process?

As a first step, clients provide Visionborne with the original design in their preferred format.  After the material is enhanced, our team collaborates with the clients on final details. Ultimely, our goal is to produce results which reflect their optimal vision.

Which formats can Visionborne enhance?

Visionborne's technology can be applied to most graphic formats such as PSD, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and more.

Where can Visionbooks be found?

iOS, Android and Amazon.  Windows coming soon!

What makes Visionbooks different from Motion Comics?

Visionbooks maintens the original comics mood, feel and reading mode.  Comics are not transformed into a continuos video, but they rather retain the original format with 3D and visual effects enhancements.

Can a comic on Visionbooks be read in several languages?

Yes, when multiple languages are available all you need is to switch the language setting on the digital device.